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Hendrick's MartiniRecette du Cocktail

The Martini, that singing symphony of liquid, was described as “the elixir of quietude” by author E. B. White. The origin story of this drinkable poem is a contentious issue, and as emotive and important a subject as how best to prepare the drink itself. Since its invention sometime in the 19th century, the Martini has slinked across our collective imagination in literature, cinema and song. Here we meet the flavours of gin in a primal pure form. This classic of classic cocktails, this melodious master, is further heightened when it entertains Hendrick’s Gin herself.

martini close up
les saveurs
Cocktails festifs – soirées scandaleuses, Heure du cocktail, Moment d’impertinence exquise, Célébrations, Apéritif
Un Verre
Verre à martini
Verre à mélanger, Cuillère à bar


  • Stir vermouth and HENDRICK'S GIN over ice cubes in a mixing glass
  • Strain into a martini glass.
  • Garnish with a cucumber slice.

Les Ingrédients

  • 50 ml HENDRICK'S GIN
  • 7 ml Dry Vermouth
The Martini is not the highest point of human achievement, it is far more important than that.
Tatjana Lagushka, In Spite of Myself