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May Your Holidays Be Stirred With Wonder

Is that the sound of sleigh bells interrupting your slumber? It is! It is time! Hold on to your favourite hats, bonnets or Viking helmets because that most special of seasons is upon us! As immaculate white snow (real or imagined) falls on your festive head and your loved (or at least tolerated) ones assemble in good cheer, the sublime question of which gin cocktails to serve must be answered. DO NOT PANIC — we have all the answers you need to lavish decidedly decadent treats on your nearest and dearest.

Follow our advice to excite tongues and sate your own cocktail curiosity. So, with festive gusto in our hearts we waltz to the drinks cabinet and prepare for revelry. We have matched six exquisite Christmas cocktail recipes to six holiday events (though we are equally enthusiastic on those who create their own Christmas cocktail traditions). The following marvellous selection of seasonal Christmas cocktail recipes will warm the coldest cockles and please the most playful palates.