Hendrick's Gin department of not so convenient technology

The Department of Not-So-Convenient Technology is here to address the recent and relentless march of technology toward Convenience, Efficiency and Utility. For example...

Map applications that enable humans to find their way anywhere on earth, thereby eliminating the lovely possibility of getting lost and stumbling upon a new-found friend.

Waterproof watches with a such precise accuracy they forestall serendipity and surprise. And yes, speakers that remove all mystery from the world by responding to your voice command.

Everywhere one looks – from airports to the streets to hotel rooms and even cocktail bars and sidewalk cafes, one sees an unremitting progression toward making reliable technology entirely USUAL.

We at HENDRICK’S however are introducing the most marvelous, least logical innovations of the millennia, under the D.N.S.C.T.

Behold, the HENDRICK’S high wheel

Behold, The HENDRICK’S high wheel

An Utterly Proper Pedaling Device

A genuinely effective and fascinating fitness contraption with a charming lack of convenience.

$2,493.11 plus shipping


We are shocked, dismayed and quite gratified to report that our entire stock of HENDRICK’S High Wheels sold out! Whilst you await the next D.N.S.C.T. release, you can peruse our other offerings, such as bar equipment, glassware, and unusual accoutrements for purchase.

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