Flora dora
Hendrick’s Floradora Gin cocktail

Flora dora

Fruity Refreshing Easy

As floral and as fizzy as the mythical carbonated gardens of Alusdusa, the Floradora is a gin cocktail that is not afraid of the seductive power of the raspberry. (Come to think of it, who is fearful of the seductive power of the raspberry?). Serving suggestion: follow with a love poem beneath a meteor shower. The bartender Jimmy O’Brien created the drink for a young actor from the cast of the Edwardian musical comedy ‘Floradora’; she claimed that she had already tried every cocktail, and O’Brien responded by creating this miraculous cocktail just for her. Here is an outrageous summer gin cocktail waiting to seduce gin lovers of every kind.

Prep Time

3 Minutes










  • 40 ml Hendrick's Gin
  • 20 ml Lime Juice
  • 10 ml Raspberry Syrup
  • Top with Ginger Beer

How to make

  • Build all ingredients in highball over ice cubes.
  • Churn and serve.
Top tips for a perfect serve


  • Raspberry


  • Feasts & Dinner Parties
  • Cocktail Parties & Scandalous Soirees
  • Moments of Exquisite Irrelevance
  • Garden Parties & Picnics
  • Summer Refreshments
Hendrick’s Floradora Gin cocktail served with a raspberry garnish
Top Tip

If you don't have raspberry syrup, simply add a handful of fresh raspberries and 15ml of sugar syrup

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Some questions
people often ask us

Where does the name Floradora come from?

The Floradora is named after a hugely successful musical comedy that first debuted in London’s West End in 1899. It made the transfer to Broadway a year later. One of the chorus girls asked a local bartender to make her a brand new drink one night after the show and the rest if history.

What can you substitute for raspberry syrup in this cocktail?

Fresh raspberries and sugar syrup.

What does a Floradora taste like?

It's got a nice zing from the ginger, a little bit of tartness from the lime and then sweetness from those raspberries so it ticks all the boxes.

A brief history of
the Flora Dora

The Floradora cocktail can be traced back to the early 1900s and was given its name after a successful Edwardian musical which opened in 1899. The musical famously included a chorus line of 'Floradora Girls' who danced across the stage and captivated audiences.

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