Gin Basil Smash
Hendrick's Gin Basil Smash cocktail

Gin Basil Smash

Fruity Herbal Easy

Fresh and extremely refreshing, the Gin Basil Smash is a cocktail invented by the charismatic Joerg Meyer. Some think of the Gin Basil Smash as a Spring gin cocktail, but it is happy to refuse categorisation.

Prep Time

3 Minutes








Basil Leaves


  • 50 ml Hendrick's Gin
  • 25 ml Lemon Juice
  • 12.5 ml Sugar Syrup
  • 8 Basil Leaves

How to make

  • Add basil to base of cocktail shaker and muddle gently.
  • Add remaining ingredients and shake hard over ice.
  • Strain over an ice-filled rock glass.
Top tips for a perfect serve


  • Basil Leaves


  • Feasts & Dinner Parties
  • Garden Parties & Picnics
  • Celebrations
Hendrick's Gin Basil Smash served
Top Tip

Slap your basil garnish very gently to release some of its aromas

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Some questions
people often ask us

Who invented the Gin Basil Smash?

A man called Joerg Meyer who owns a bar called Le Lion Bar de Paris in Hamburg.

What can you use to muddle the basil in a Gin Basil Smash?

A muddler is best but a spoon or even a rolling pin would work.

How do you make sugar syrup for a Gin Basil Smash?

Mix equal part of caster sugar and water in a small pan. Bring to the boil and then remove from the heat and allow the sugar to dissolve. Allow to cool and refrigerate.

A brief history of
the Gin Basil Smash

A fairly new cocktail onto the scene! Created by Hamburg bartender Jörg Meyer in 2008. The cocktail was originally called a Gin Pesto but over time transitioned to become a Gin Basil Smash to go alongside other 'Smash' cocktails such as the Whiskey Smash.

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