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HENDRICK'S GIN unveils it's enchanting 'CURIOUS IDOLS' on London's South Bank to help the nation rewild their curiosity

Inspired by the curious butterflies and bees which pollinate our precious ecosystem, Hendrick’s Flora Adora is inviting the nation to rewild our curiosity and let our imagination flower & grow. To inspire the nation, Hendrick’s has unveiled its enchanting ‘Curious Idols’ on London’s South Bank from 13th – 18th June which brings to life this century’s most inquisitive minds across horticulture, theatre, and literature.

The newly launched Hendrick’s Flora Adora is the latest limited release from Hendrick’s Gin which is as enticingly fresh as it is lusciously floral. Coming from Master Distiller, Ms. Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities, it’s a liquid inspired by and infused with the floral bouquets that entice our nectar loving friends to pollinate our precious ecosystem.

It is these wonderful creatures that explore and create new blooms which have sparked the latest research from Hendrick’s Gin, which has revealed that like our intriguing bees and butterflies, 84% of the nation consider themselves a curious being.

However, over half (54%) feel their curiosity has plateaued over the past couple of years, with their wild natures becoming stifled and ‘pruned’. And in fact, almost a third wish they were more curious about life and its wonders – a sentiment particularly strong with nearly half (46%) of Gen Z.

So, to help inspire the nation and encourage them to rewild their curiosity, Hendrick’s Gin has unveiled its enchanting ‘Curious Idols’ on London’s South Bank, created in collaboration with the talented contemporary artist Elliott Rooney. The installation sees three delightful and theatrical pieces of art come to life, immortalising the incredible curious thinkers who are shaping this century and can excite us all to explore, discover and create.

Included within this inquisitive line-up:


Patricia Allison – the delightful actress best-known for her role as Ola Nyman on the Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education, has been celebrated for her courageous passion to be at the forefront for change and her deeply founded love of connecting with nature. An immersive ode which brings the realms of TV and theatre together, Patricia’s installation allows the curious a moment of self-reflection with its mirrored surroundings, alongside glorious wildflowers growing and encouraging curiosity to run wild and free.


Alice Vincent– a multi-platform storyteller and author who explores the intricacies of words, womanhood, and the wonders of everyday life. Step into Alice’s world with an enchanting sculpture that takes the form of a book-like set as a nod to Alice’s new bestselling book "Why Women Grow: Stories of Soil, Sisterhood and Survival”. Adorned with pastel layers balanced by vibrant blooms to rewild the alluring aromas of Hendrick’s Flora Adora, revel in a world of storytelling to ignite your curiosity.


The Drag Queen Gardener – When Tom Leonard dons his wig and heels, Daisy Desire comes to life – the ultimate drag queen gardener – bringing the joy and curiosity of horticulture to everyone. Prepare to be marvelled by this unique and elaborate sculpture which pays homage to the art of drag and the effervescent joy it embodies. Illustrated by London-based Jiro Bevis and infused with essences of rose and cucumber, allow Daisy Desire’s magnetic spirit to inspire your curiosity and evoke a sense of wonder and delight.

Commenting on her Curious Idol installation, Patricia Allison said: “My love for theatre, film and performance has always been a way for me to further my artistry and deepen my curiosity about human nature and our surroundings. I’ve always loved having the freedom to explore different realms of self-expression, so I’m delighted that Hendrick’s new campaign focuses on that same curiosity within all of us, and has given me a wonderful opportunity to bring this feeling to more people in a somewhat meaningful & accessible format, to help inspire more self-reflection in our society.”

James Keen, Senior Brand Manager at William Grant & Sons UK, added: “Curiosity is at the heart of everything Hendrick’s Gin does and creates and Flora Adora is no different with its delightfully intriguing flora taste. With this divine new liquid and our mesmerising Curious Idols, we invite the public to seek out our celebratory odes to some of the best curious minds and challenge themselves to rewild their curiosity.”

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