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10 Unfeasibly excellent reasons why HENDRICK’S GIN remains the best festive gift!

While it would be exceptionally gauche to presume that a gift is necessary or even significant at this time of year, a lovely gift is still welcome...

... and a worthless ill-considered gift remains a curse. A bad present haunts the shelves of your beloved and reminds them of your consistent failure of imagination. But stop moping in expectant despair! Pick your hopeless form up from the carpet and prepare to impress, as we offer 10 compelling reasons why HENDRICK’S remains the best gin gift for many, if not all, grown-up loved ones.

  1. It needs no electricity nor a single upgrade throughout its life.
  2. It requires no password to use, nor does it want your fingerprint.
  3. Its taste is simply splendid.
  4. It is an essential part of the HENDRICK'S HOT GIN PUNCH.
  5. You only read a novelty book once.
  6. It can be shared with the gifter.
  7. It’s best to give something you’d like to receive.
  8. It contains zero werewolf blood.
  9. …or the angry ghost of William Shakespeare.
  10. You can give it to yourself if they annoy you before the special day.
  11. It transcends numbers and is the perfect gift for gin lovers near and far.
  12. And just because, the FRENCH 75
  13. Gin gifts are the ginniest gifts and gin sets are even ginnier gifts.  

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