A delicious and jubilant cocktail named for the 1799 Raspberry Regatta, a race that showed the HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA Navy narrowly victorious over the French Flotte de Framboises. In a gesture of good sportsmanship, Commodore Virgil Wesley Worcestershire had his cook create a marvelous Raspberry Rickey with his private stash of refreshing HENDRICK’S NEPTUNIA GIN. What followed was an evening of festive gathering for both victors and vanquished.

cocktail recipe

Neptunia - raspberry regatta Cocktail - c/o
Neptunia - bottle shot - USA 750ml - 900 bottle

Hendrick's Neptunia Gin

Adding another wave of flavor with an enticing chorus of deeply refreshing coastal botanicals.

Combines a smooth, bright citrus finish with a deliciously distant sea breeze.

43.4% ABV

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