There are no secrets to superb festive gin cocktails - just simple, unfeasibly delicious recipes. These are peculiarly perfect for hosting at home or enjoying out and about in festive frivolity with friends. Once tasted, you will long for these winter cocktails each year.


Looking for a wondrous winter gin cocktail for your next splendid soiree? Look no further! HENDRICK’S makes holiday hosting delectable with our festive Cranberry Fizz, a delightful concoction of cranberry, bubbles, and (our personal favorite) HENDRICK’S. The Cranberry Fizz is a festive gin cocktail recipe that makes one long for December all year round.

Cranberry Fizz
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A thunderous accompaniment to any celebration. Named for a famously smooth French gun (the Canon de 75 modèle 1897), the French 75 is considerably more fun than its artillery namesake. Some say it was created by British soldiers in France in World War I and mixed in spent shell casings, but it was enjoyed (with a different name) by the Prince of Wales as far back as the 18th Century. It is essentially a Tom Collins where the soda is replaced with Champagne. Now contemplate that for a moment…yes, it is as good as it sounds. An outstanding French 75 recipe.
French 75 CO
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Minty Toddy Punch

A joy to behold, Minty’s Toddy Punch is as marvelously chilled in a grand punchbowl as it is warmed in mitten-wrapped mugs. While the style depends on the spirit of your festive celebration, its refreshing mint and ginger essence backed by the botanicals of HENDRICK’S will charm guests from any climate.

Minty Toddy Punch c/o
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Wintertide Spritz

Festive glimmers of burgundy and evergreen dazzle in this cold-weather spritz, a snow globe of Hendrick’s, elderflower tonic and sparkling wine. Host marvelously with the Wintertide Spritz!

Wintertide Spritz c/o
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Last year at the HENDRICK’S yuletide festival, a butterfingers spilled their Martinez on the walrus-shaped spice cake. Instead of lamenting, our cocktail mavens wrung the cake dry and dubbed the delectable liquid the Got Apricaught, a marvelously refreshing accident of botanicals, stone fruit and spice.

Apricaught! c/o
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Festivus Fizz

In the spirit of the Festivus, here is a dazzling HENDRICK’S cocktail perfect for a non-denominational, nonsensical winter celebration. The Festivus Fizz sparkles with tidings of grapefruit and cardamom, rosemary and cranberry, with the curious cucumber-rose botanical background you know and love from HENDRICK’S GIN.

Festivus Fizz c/o
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Let’s cut to the chase – choosing presents is time-consuming and emotionally fraught, but fortunately we have an elegant and simple solution: The majority of your most respected loved ones appreciate HENDRICK’S GIN, so simply source them bottles of our marvelous gin. Miraculously, it is also the centerpiece spirit for winter gin­­ cocktails, so source some to lavish upon your lucky guests, solving another hosting puzzle. That was curiously easy, wasn’t it? Use the time you have saved for more enjoyable activities like placing a ship in a bottle or painting pictures of hummingbirds.

If you are still stubbornly unconvinced (and we find that notion barely believable) here are 10 reasons HENDRICK’S GIN gifts will save the festive holidays.

  1. A present of HENDRICK’S GIN will lead to absurdly delicious festive cocktails.
  2. Hendrick's strange and delightful treasures are ideally suited to the giftee who "has everything”..
  3. Gin is the most versatile of festive gifts, so can be matched to a cocktail to suit most guests, this is worth considering when mulling over winter party ideas.
  4. It is a decadent gift for those on a gluten-free diet (unlike much of the festive menu).
  5. A gift of HENDRICK’S GIN can be drunk without the aid of an app, or ANY electronic device and it will never require a software update.
  6. No one who has received the gift of HENDRICK’S GIN cocktail has ever been attacked by a festive vampire, zombie or other supernatural beast (as far as current records show).
  7. … or flying manatees.
  8. …or talking cucumbers, giving these lucky friends time to employ our gorgeous gin as a perfect base for hot seasonal cocktails.
  9. Speaking of cucumbers, the gift of HENDRICK’S GIN goes so well with cucumber garnishes to ensure cucumbers do not have a lonely festive season.
  10. If spilled, the gift of HENDRICK’S GIN will not stain a white novelty sweater or special occasion dress.
  11. Like a list of 10 with 11 entries, the giver of HENDRICK’S is generous, attentive and pleasingly unconventional.

*This number was made up for the sake of convenience – speaking of making things up conveniently, have a look at our staggeringly seductive menu of cocktail recipes here.


WHAT is the BEST WAY to DRINK GIN during the HOLIDAYS?

Gin can be enjoyed in many ways, but what is the best way to drink gin during the holiday season? We recommend mixing one of our festive cocktails to get into the spirit, from a classic cranberry fizz to a sophisticated wintertide spritz.


So alluring

Gin has soared in popularity in recent years, mostly thanks to its versatility. It’s a particularly popular holiday drink as it can be added to a variety of cocktails due to its adaptable flavor. It can also take on different strengths and flavors, depending on how it’s distilled and processed.

HG OG bottle with flowers fix bottle


The original HENDRICK’S GIN. Deliciously infused with Rose and Cucumber.

HENDRICK’S GIN, with its distinctly elegant black bottle is the most beloved of gin gifts. An unusual gin created from eleven fine botanicals, this is a most distinguished Scottish gin gift. The curious, yet marvelous, infusions of rose & cucumber imbue our spirit with its uniquely balanced flavor resulting in an impeccably smooth and distinct gin.

44% ABV

My Goodness!
There are a tantalising array of stunningly delicious HENDRICK’S GIN varieties

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