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Introducing Horatio

The World’s First (and Only) Somewhat Smart Speaker

As experts in the advantages of inefficiency we have created this groundbreaking and visually stunning home speaker powered by our Somewhat Smart TechnologyPD.

Key Features

  • Handmade of copper, brass, leather and wood
  • Finger-activated
    (freeing your voice for other things)
  • Includes martini holder
  • Quite heavy
  • English-speaking, yet functions quite well around the globe


Buy Your Horatio Now

Created as a delightful counterpoint to today’s banal and predictable voice-activated speakers (yawn), Horatio offers the surprise and unpredictability that mass-produced modern electronics fail to deliver. Whilst an ordinary smart speaker is restricted to merely answering questions, this far-more-sophisticated device is utterly independent of anything you may ask of it — indeed, you never know what it will say.

Only FIVE of these devices exist in the world. Each is full-fledged work of art created by two American artists and includes lovingly salvaged antique parts collected over many years. Indeed, no two are exactly alike. This is an indisputable piece of art that will undoubtedly increase in value over the years, all the while delighting yourself, your family and guests.

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